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About Autumn

About Autumn Macarthur

Hello and thanks for visiting!
I’m an Australian writer of inspirational romance living near London with my very English husband, three spoiled cats, and a guinea pig with a dandelion addiction. I love reading, cooking, gardening, and writing deeply emotional stories to make you smile and remind you how big and wide and deep God’s love and forgiveness can be.
I tend to talk a little too much and laugh a little too loud, my sleep schedule is all over the place, and I’m thankful to be blessed with some good friends and a very patient husband. I’m eternally thankful for God’s great love and mercy.
When I’m not talking to my strawberry plants or cherry blossoms, I can be found blogging right here at Faith, Hope, & Heartwarming; on Facebook as Autumn Macarthur, and on Twitter as @autumnmacarthur. If you need to email, it’s autumn (at) autumnmacarthur (dot) com
I love talking to readers and other writers, so please get in touch!

As you can see, wearing makeup, painting my toenails,  and styling my hair don’t come high on my list. Sometimes I wish they did. I love to play dress-ups now and then, but life’s too short and too busy for me to do it every day!

The header picture is erigeron, a flower that grows wild out of tiny crevices in the stone walls in Devon, where I took this photo. That symbolises the love I want to write about, growing and thriving in unexpected places, finding home by trusting God.